Over half of the total Norwegian value creation within the seafood industry comes from Western Norway. Figures from 2013 show that Western Norway has a turnover of just over 86 billion annually and has 11,956 employees, which corresponds to 46.2 percent of all employees in Norwegian marine sector.

County Council in Møre og Romsdal, Jon Aasen (AP) thinks ideal temperature conditions , continuous maintenance of expertise and capital have been crucial factors  for Western Norway to have retained its position within the seafood industry. County Council in Hordaland, Tom-Christer Nilsen (H), agrees with Aasen that natural conditions have been favorable for Western Norway, but also believes that the way Western Norway has met aquaculture has been crucial for the development. Nilsen also clarifies that The Institute of Marine Research  and the bio marine expertise at the University of Bergen have been beneficial  for the West Coast. By Western counties it is Hordaland that has the greatest turnover with 42 billion annually.

The export value of fish and fishery products in Western Norway is NOK 30.5 billion, which represents 51 percent of the Norwegian export value. Here it is Møre og Romsdal that is the greatest, with an export value equal to 23 percent of the Norwegian market. Tanja Hoel at Fiskeriforum Vest believes that despite Vestlandet’s already dominant position on the Norwegian market it has a great potential for further development. Hoel points out that research is important for the challenges that may prevent further growth both on the west coast and in other regions can be solved.

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