CEO Alf Helge Aarskog of Marine Harvest group recently held a presentation on the Seafood Industry and the Seafood Innovation Cluster to students at Amalie Skram upper secondary school.

On the 17th of April approximately 300 first-year students saw the presentation, which gave them insight into the dynamics of the seafood industry in Bergen and what possibilities and opportunities it presents. Strengthening and promoting education in the seafood industry is one of the seafood innovation clusters main goals, and our partnership agreements with educational institutions in the region allows us to better pursue this goal.

The Cluster will work to strengthen educational programs in secondary schools. The Cluster has signed collaboration with Amalie Skram VGS. In cooperation with Bergen Marine Research Cluster, there will be permanently placed an advanced measurement station in Store Lungegårdsvann. The recorded data will be integrated into the teaching of scientific subjects. In addition, the Cluster actively supports the school’s international study programs (Japan) related to seafood markets, industry lectures and industry projects. This unique initiative aims to shorten the distance between Bergen city’s new school and the internationally recognized seafood business and research communities surrounding it.

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