Every year important actors from the Bergen region seafood industry enter Brussels to participate at the Seafood Expo Global through the Bergen delegation. This was the fourth time the separate Bergen delegation has been arranged, and never before have there been this many participants. 44 excited delegates touched down in Brüssel on the 20th of April, amongst them Bergen city councilman Helge Stormoen, Mayor of Sund Kari-Anne Landro as well as the Mayor of Bergen Trude Drevland.

paa_leroystanden_lite The Seafood Expo Global in Brussels is the biggest of its kind in the world, with over 1700 exhibitors from over 70 countries, spread over an area of 36000 square meters. The Seafood industry of Norway is represented by 55 businesses at the Seafood Expo Global, which functions as an important meeting place where Norwegian seafood businesses can expose what they have to offer on the growing international seafood market.

During the three-day stay in Brüssel, the delegates got insight into the internal politics of the EU-system, and how trade agreements and fishery policy will affect the future of the industry. Amongst other things, the delegation visited the Directorate-general for fisheries and maritime affairs, and participated at a seminar organized by Storby Marin. The actual visit at the Seafood Expo Global was to the participants considered the most important part of the trip, where they got to meet with Norwegian seafood businesses, speak with them, make contacts and share experiences.

The Norwegian stands were arranged largely by Innovation Norway, which first participated on the Seafood Expo Global in 1993 with 8 businesses.  The large growth in number of participating businesses is an indication of the enormous development within the Norwegian seafood industry the past decades, and hopefully it will keep growing.

  Foto: Business Region Bergen