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First module of Seafood Trainee

The first module which took place in Bergen, Askøy and Øygarden, focused on the aquaculture industry’s value chain. The module followed the industry’s value chain from genetics, to production, marketing and sale, feed, nutrition, technology, research and fishery management. During the first module, the trainees also visited Strømsnes Akvakultur and Blom Visningsanlegg.

Sustainability is a throughout topic in the four modules. On day two, the first sustainability workshop was held, where the trainees were challenged to find new sustainable solutions to challenges the industry is facing.

Erik W. Jakobsen, business economist and partner in Menon Economics guided the trainees through the first academic module. The academic aspect of the program serves several purposes. The most important one is building relevant competence through lectures, working in groups and company presentations. In addition, they serve as a meeting place for exchange of experience as well as a social arena for networking. – Altogether this will give a broad overview of the various entities in the seafood industry, says Jakobsen.  14315980_10153797546490779_1398403053_o SeafoodTrainee 14375318_10153797546670779_1049807432_o 14359905_10153797546440779_1841339265_o

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