Memorandum of Understanding to initiate a collaboration between NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster in Norway and Iceland Ocean Cluster in Iceland was signed at the seminar for Sustainability for the future

IMGP7988 DSC00297 DSC00316 IN occasion Icelands Presidents state visit to Norway, Innovation Norway and Promote Iceland in cooperation with Islands embassy in Norway and University in Bergen invited to a seminar within Sustainability for the future. The value creation from the ocean was on the agenda. Innovation, new species and better exploition of byproducts from sea was themes taken up in lectures and workshops.

The seminar found place on Marineholmen, Vilvite with H.M. King Harald, the Icelandic President and guests from both Iceland and Norway.

The purpose of the workshop is to see forward and identify areas where Iceland and Norway in cooperation can contribute to a sustainable seafood growth. IMGP7981 Memorandum of Understanding with the Iceland Ocean Cluster

As a part of the official program, The NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Iceland Ocean Cluster signed a MoU.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) in Reykjavik and Seafood Innovation Cluster in Bergen, Norway are seafood clusters interested in strengthening knowledge and innovation in seafood. These clusters have emphasized on increasing cooperation among entrepreneurs in the seafood industry and assist small enterprises in developing their business network.


To develop a network between seafood entrepreneurs in Iceland and Norway. The aim is to strengthen new businesses and further enhance entrepreneurs from both countries.

To promote and foster developments among the food entrepreneurs. 


Develop a network between entrepreneurs using the strength of each cluster from both fish farming and fisheries.
Strengthen knowledge collaboration on sustainable utilization of marine resources
Explore and identify areas of mutual interest such as in developing of technology for further utilization of fish products.
Recommend innovative approaches to cooperation as deemed advantageous to both.
Encourage mutual exchange/visits.