Together with our partner Grieg Seafood the Minister was introduced to the Norwegian Ocean Innovation Clusters; GCE Subsea, NCE Seafood and NCE Maritime Cleantech.

These Ocean Clusters represent Europe’s largest marine research- and industry consortium. The aim for the meeting was to address our common mission to capitalize on the resources available through this powerful ocean partnership, which will allow Norway to strengthen its innovation capabilities to create increased value from our oceans.

Our common position is firmly anchored in the Norwegian government’s new Ocean Strategy “New Growth, Proud History” announced on 23 March 2017 and recognising the ocean as the new economic frontier. The Clusters have a common commitment to increase Cluster to Cluster collaboration to ensure learning across the various ocean industries and to solve some of our most pressing global challenges.

Presentations were held on the topics:

New regional innovation ecosystems to strengthen scale ups of Norwegian Ocean Industries
Digitalization in ocean industries, unlocking the potential of industries 4.0
Green and smart technology in ocean industries Fiskeriministeren 20.04.17