Together with The Norwegian Seafood Council, Seafood Trainee was introduced to Norwegian Seafood Marketing. Seafood Trainees joined our partners pavilions at Seafood Expo, included presentations from the country pavilions from Chile, Iceland and France.

The first day of the program, our Seafood Trainees got an introduction to marketing principles of seafood. Together they had a case to solve a marketing campaign for a seafood product. 

In Paris, we visited the restaurant Uma. The MasterChef works with Norwegian Seafood products, and the Seafood Trainees got an introduction on how the Norwegian Seafood Council works to promote Norwegian Seafood. Later, all Seafood Trainees visited one of the worlds largest seafood markets “Rungis”, with a guided tour from G&O Gastronomy, one of the largest seafood companies at the market.

The last module of the Seafood Trainee program will be held in June in Bergen with a graduation ceremony. Seafood Trainee has been a huge success and we are now planning for Seafood Trainee.

Read more about the Seafood Trainee program here. PicMonkey Collage