98 companies and institutions are now a part of our community in NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

DSC00864 Photo: Andreas Morland, SeaSmart and General Director Tanja Hoel at our partnermeeting in June 2017

Together with our 17 new cluster participants approved by the board of NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster,the total number of participants is a record-breaking 98.

The influx of new companies illustrates that value of participating in a cluster that not only promote the seafood industry, but also explores how existing competence and technology can be transferred to new markets.

These are the 17 companies that recently joined NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster:

Advokatfirmaet Thommessen (partner)
Patogen (partner)
Bremnes Seashore (industry member)
Christian Michelsen Research (R & D member)
NIVA (R & D member)
Deep Vision (entrepreneur member)
Ecomerden (entrepreneur member)
Anteo (entrepreneur member)
FishGLOBE (entrepreneur member)
Hauge Aqua (entrepreneur member)
MT-AQUA (entrepreneur member)
Normong (entrepreneur member)
OptimeeringAqua (entrepreneur member)
RK-Tech (entrepreneur member)
SeaSmart (entrepreneur member)
Tialta (entrepreneur member)
Gode Sirklar (Municipalities Øygarden, Sund & Sotra)

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