"A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed to nourish today’s 765 million hungry and the additional 2 billion people expected by 2050" — UN Sustainable Development Goal #2

Sustainable growth takes teamwork. We know we can only do this by working together. Collective action is the most powerful tool we have to drive positive change for a more sustainable food system. This is what The Seafood Innovation Cluster aims to adress; Our responsibility in promoting responsible practices to provide healthy food for a growing population. 

The Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) and the World Bank highlight aquaculture as one of the most important fields to look for solutions. Aquaculture is an industry whose technology and knowledge could hold the key to a solution. Norway is a world leader in Aquaculture and the industry continues to invest significant sums into Research and Development of healthier, more sustainable aquaculture.

The recently adopted UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development are highly relevant for the seafood industry and opens up a number of exciting opportunities for the industry to take a leading role. Being a protein source with little CO2 footprint and little need for fresh water, seafood is needed to transform the food system. Recognizing that Norwegian Seafood will not necessarily solve the world’s hunger problems, using our innovation capabilities in technology transfer and best practice can be shared to promote sustainable practices and improve fisheries and aquaculture management worldwide.

This is our motivation for hosting the 3rd Sustainable Growth Summit, where we gather some of the world’s leading experts how to tackle the interconnected challenges of our food system, health, climate and sustainability. These globale issues need collective actions.

We hope you will join our Summit, and help us to do better in our continued strive to be a leader within sustainability. Our challenges need to be solved globally.

Hope to see you in Bergen, 26-27th of October!

All of the best

Tanja Hoel
Managing Director, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

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