ACCEL Seafood 2017 will start 31.October 2017. Application deadline is 16. October.

ACCEL Seafood 2017 Poster v3 The business development programme ACCEL Seafood promote companies in growth and encourage sustainable start-ups. The project is made to increase development and commercialization of products and services in the industry.

ACCEL Seafood is a 10 weeks intensive programme that helps start-ups and young companies, structure and establish their business plan. The programme will give you an introduction to Lean Startup, a methodology that helps you develop products and services in a fast and cost-efficient way. The programme is a combination of theory, working with your own projects and meeting with customers.

Leading experts within business development executive ACCEL Seafood. You will get advice from mentors with extensive experience from business and technology development in the seafood industry. The mentors have wide-reaching networks and knowledge within technology, IPR/patents, funding/investors, markets and internationalization.

Application deadline for startups are 16. October 2017.

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Meetingplan Seafood ACCEL 2017:            

31.October 2017        Business models
01.November 2017     How to present your idea
08. November 2017    Meet the mentors
22. November 2017    Meetings 1:1
29. November 2017    Meet Corporates
5. December 2017      Status 1:1
6. December 2017      The solution
13. December 2017    The details
3. January 2018          Effective sales
10.January 2018         Growht Strategies
18.January 2018         Preparing for pitch
18.January 2018         Demo Day ACCEL Seafood 2017