More than 150 participants joined us at the Summit, and many more joined the Summit live on Facebook.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all who shared these two days with us. Especially we would like to thank our excellent speakers in providing us with new insights, and areas of action to be taken.

Here are some take “home messages” from this years’ Summit:

Good collaboration and good governance is a pre-requisite for sustainable seafood industry
New technology is driving research, IoT, sensors, digitalization
Seafood plays an important part to make a more sustainable food system
Norway is in the position to take global leadership on scaling up action on a sustainable seafood and aquaculture industry, globally
Digitalisation is important to support more effective management systems in developing countries
Salmon farming is developing new solutions in new species
New business models will enhance productivity and new value creation
Nudging consumers towards sustainable choices by changing the ‘choice architecture’ 
The importance of the NEXT generation “Food Influencers”
Positive linkage between the development of sustainability oriented practises and long term financial performance
Partnership and collaboration is important for sustainable growth in the seafood industry


We hope to see you all at the Sustainable Growth Summit 2018!

 Welcome back, 25.-26. October 2017!


Presentations from the Summit you will find HERE