ACCEL Seafood 2016 was a great succes. The entrepreneurs represent much of the innovative force of the industry. Our goal is to be an important driving force for providing new opportunities for the supply sector in Norway, and we have invited start-ups to join our 2017 ACCEL Seafood.

ACCEL Seafood is a 10 weeks intensive programme that helps start-ups and young companies, structure and establish their business plan. The programme will give you an introduction to Lean Startup, a methodology that helps you develop products and services in a fast and cost-efficient way. The programme is a combination of theory, working with your own projects and meeting with customers.

Leading experts within business development executive ACCEL Seafood. You will get advice from mentors with extensive experience from business and technology development in the seafood industry. The mentors have wide-reaching networks and knowledge within technology, IPR/patents, funding/investors, markets and internationalization.

The participants will receive training and access to tools they can use in the own businesses.



In ACCEL Seafood 2017 we have invited the following 10 companies to join:

Midgaard services AS: Reduced  downtime and improved production with Midgaards mud plant.

Invertapro AS: Insect plant capable of handling 30,000 tonnes of residual raw material that reaches 7000 tonnes of insect flour.

Sailing Sea Farm: A disruptive salmon sea-drone sailing away from licenses and lice – saving staff, feed, fuel and money

Fjord Maritime AS: Fjord Hybrid – reduces the running time of the diesel-generators on feeding barges up to 80%.

WI Innovate as: Lifting system for fish farming nets that reduces stress on fish.

Bulandet Miljøfisk AS:  Innovative and cost effective method for land based aquaculture.

AquaPro AS: From sludge to value

Ecotone SpectraLice:  Gives you accurate sea lice numbers, so that you can use time on the salmon.

Mithal as: Remora is your carefree net cleaner, inspecting and cleaning 24/7 without disturbance to your fish -enabling continuous feeding and optimised production conditions.

AquaByte:  We develop tools for biomass estimation, sea lice counting and appetite detection.

AquaByte choose to establish in Bergen due to the innovative ecosystem. Read more here.


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