In September the Cluster kicked-off the second Seafood Trainee program. Almost 400 applied for the Seafood Trainee program, where only 25 talents ended up with a position as Seafood Trainee. While the first module took place in Bergen, the second module took place in Trondheim and Frøya, focusing on technology in the seafood value chain. Technology & Innovation was the throughout topic in the second module.

DSC01470 Module 2

Seafood Trainee represents exceptional young talents from Cluster companies Lerøy, Marine Harvest, Grieg Seafood, EWOS Cargill, MSD Animal Health Norway, Thommessen and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

First the Seafood Trainee visited the technology capital Trondheim with presentations from Sintef Ocean and NTNT. The second day was visit to “Blått kompetansesenter” with presentation on fish health and fishwelfare from Åkerblå and Lerøy. One of the highlights of the day was visit to the high-tech prosessessing facility of Salmar and Lerøy, Innovamar.

Friday was back in Trondheim, visiting Biomar, AkvaGroup and AquaLine.

The academic aspect of the program serves several purposes. The most important one is building relevant competence through lectures, working in groups and company presentations. In addition, they serve as a meeting place for exchange of experience as well as a social arena for networking. – Altogether this will give a broad overview of the various entities in the seafood industry. DSC01551 DSC01502 DSC01492