Final Program for North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2018

Eventbanner Seafood Innovation Day Program

Seafood Innovation Day is part of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, showcasing cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurs to reach the ambitions of increased seafood growth. For the first time in the main NASF programme, we present an entire day with innovation stories and investment opportunities to shape one of the most important industries for the future of global protein.


08:00                     Registration and coffee

09:00                     Welcome to Seafood Innovation Day, Einar Wathne, Chairman of the Board, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

09:10                     Innovation stories in the seafood business, Carsten Krome, CEO, HATCH (moderator)

09:20                     Showcasing innovation & innovative start-ups

We present cutting-edge start-ups and innovation stories with scalable solutions that solve significant problems in the aquaculture and seafood industry, in order to enable its long-term sustainability.

11:00                     Coffee break

11:30                     Showcasing innovation & innovative start-ups

12:30                     Investment opportunities in aquaculture, Tom Prins, Dealflow Manager, Aqua-Spark

12:40                     LIVE VOTING: 1st Seafood Innovation Award

Audience to vote for their favourite showcase to win the 1st NASF/NCE Seafood Innovation Award

13:00                     Lunch

14:00                     Digitalisation & Technology

AquaCloud, using Artificial Intelligence in Sea Lice Mangement, Björgólfur Hávardsson, Innovation Manager, The Seafood Innovation Cluster (moderator)

Embracing discomfort: How digital disruption is changing the way Cargill nourishes the world, Justin Kershaw, Vice President and Corporate CIO, Cargill’s

Integrated cableless solutions for underwater communication, Professor Chiara Petrioli, WSENCE

Aquaculture meets machine-learning, Bryton Shang, CEO, Aquabyte,

iFarm – Innovative 3D technology for individual-based fish-farming, Geir Stang Hauge, Managing Director, BioSort AS

14:45                     Accelerating innovation in the seafood value chain  

Digitalisation for acceleration of sustainability in seafood, Dag Sletmo, Senior Vice President and Seafood Analyst, DNB

IQuatic, revolutionizing aquaculture industry with customized feed using acoustic technology, Terje Hjertnes, Global IT Business Partner, Cargill Aqua Nutrition, CQN

Technobiology – fish biology in technology development, Bente Torstensen, Divison Director, Nofima                                               

Total Utilisation of Seafood Resources, David Thomas Davidsson, Development Manager, Codland.IS

15:30                     Presenting the Winner of NASF/ NCE Seafood 1st Innovation Award,  Jørgen Lund, CEO North Atlantic Seafood Forum, Henning Lund, Director of Pareto & Tanja Hoel, Director, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

Complete program for North Atlantic Seafood Forum, NASF, to be found here