Investing in our talent pool is a high priority, and this autumn Shazma Viktoria Juriks, intern from BI Norwegian School of Business, in Bergen, will join the team two days a week as a part of her bachelor degree in Marketing Management

DSC02427 My name is Shazma Viktoria Juriks (23), from Drammen, Norway. I have grown up in Hong Kong, and therefore spent many years abroad. Currently I am completing the final year of my bachelor degree in Marketing Management at BI Norwegian School of Business, in Bergen. This year I have been fortunate enough to get an internship at the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. The company gives me a great opportunity to become even more educated with the Norwegian seafood industry.

In the fall of 2018, I was qualified to participate on a one-week visit to Tromsø, organized by Marine student bootcamp. This provided me with a fantastic opportunity to meet many talented and creative professionals in the seafood business. After this stay, it became clear to me that this was a field I wanted to explore more, and thereafter my curiosity and strong interest towards the seafood industry grew. NCE Seafood is a great starting point for me; getting to know the seafood industry in a closer and broader perspective, in addition to being a wonderful learning arena, where I can contribute with my competence and skills. My bachelor degree in Marketing Management has given me important and relevant insight into the principles of business understanding and development. How trends and technology affect the market, and how media and digitalization affect us as consumers.

NCE Seafood gives me an opportunity to challenge myself and others in an interdisciplinary team, where all employees reach for the same goal. I have gained great confidence from the company to undertake various projects together with Benedicte Skogen. Benedicte has given me responsibility and trust in implementing a marketing plan and strategy for the Seafood Trainee-program. In addition, the company has given me a great opportunity to develop my competence and form a larger foundation, both experience wise and through networking.

The seafood industry is growing rapidly, where technology and innovation in the seafood sector is changing. The aim of NCE Seafood is to increase the focus on growth, innovation and sustainable development, along the entire value chain, in this exciting and future-oriented industry. One of the most important and incremental threats this industry meets every day, is the emergence of sea lice. No current or protracted solutions to cure the harm has been done, and results in a greater need for high competence and knowledge to solve this problem. Technology, innovation, development and smart-thinking minds are those who will carry the future of this industry. Therefore, to strengthen sustainable growth along the entire value chain, I see the importance for the seafood business to increase their reputation, expertise and knowledge, not only on a corporate level, but by leaning the focus more towards the future generations. The seafood industry needs young people with high skills and competence, within a wide range of educational backgrounds. It is important that young students are informed about the great opportunities that exist in this valuable industry. For me to get the opportunity to join NCE Seafood; being involved, and a part of this change and development of the Norwegian seafood industry, is a privilege at this stage in my career.