As the industry develops so does the cluster. As the need for new innovative solutions our team hunts for new ways to empower our members and meet the needs from the industry.

Tony Chen – Manolin receiving 1st price. Source Seafood Innovation Cluster Photo:  Manolin Receiving the price for best health innovation. Source: The Seafood Innovation Cluster

Aquaculture Innovation Europa, now in its’ second year, is an event that focuses on showcasing and supporting innovation and sustainability initiatives in three key areas of aquaculture: farm management, nutrition and health.

The objective at this two-day event is to bring to light cutting-edge modern technologies and solutions that are helping shape one of the most important industries for the future of global protein. To help shape the future, innovation companies are invited to apply for showcase slot at the event. The 12 most exciting innovations in aqua across farm management, nutrition and health are selected for the event, each seeking financial investment and strategic partnership. Our innovation manager has been a member of the selection panel from the beginning.

The event focuses on innovation within health, nutrition and farm management, with one winner chosen from each field. Two Norwegian companies came out fighting in Health innovation and Farm management innovation, respectively our cluster member Manolin with their situational awareness concept, using multiple data sources and Mithal AS with their net cleaning and surveillance system Remora.

Of other companies that presented their technology was our cluster member Quantidoc AS, already well known in the Norwegian marked.  Also WSENCE, a company developing Internet of Underwater Things, IoUT. WSENCE are already engaged in a project with our cluster member Lerøy Seafood ASA as a first mover of this novel technology in the aquaculture industry.

  Leiv Midthassel – Mithal Reiceiving 1st price