This summer, Reuters visited us to learn more about Norwegian Aquaculture. Their conclusion: Bergen is the Silicon Valley of seafood.

38143515_10209815830192876_1135181932464701440_o Reuters (one of the world’s largest media companies) visited us this summer to learn more about Norwegian Aquaculture and how we work to improve our environmental sustainability by collaboration and innovation. In the presentation our director Tanja Hoel, shares her insights on how Norway has built the world’s biggest salmon industry, and  the innovators of sustainable sources of feed, minimize pollution from fish farms and take new ideas to scale.

Norway’s aquaculture industry will go to great lengths to secure feed for farmed fish. Our partners are in lead of the development and the CO2Bio initiativ has been proven that carbon dioxide from the refinery can be used to grow algae that can then be harvested to make fish feed and Cargill has started a research center where staff are testing new fish-free salmon feeds.

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