This week, BioMar Norway signed an agreement with NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster to join a consortium of actors working to promote innovation and sustainable growth in the aquaculture sector.

IMG_6896 Photo: From left – Hans Halle-Knutzen (Sales and Marketing Director),  Erik Olav Gracey (Sustainability Analyst), Lars Thomas Poppe (Product Manager), Eva Kvam (BioFarm Analysis Manager), Torstein Torjuul (Marketing Manager) – As an innovative aquafeed producer with expert knowledge and highly skilled professionals, BioMar has a lot to offer and a lot to gain from this initiative, says Sales and Marketing Director of BioMar Norway, Hans Halle-Knutzen.

About BioMar

BioMar is a world leader in high performance diets for more than 45 different fish and shrimp species in more than 80 countries. BioMar Norway is the largest member of BioMar Group, based in Aarhus Denmark. Combined with the rest of Europe, this means that one in every four farmed fish in Europe was fed with BioMar raw materials. BioMar Norway is part of the Salmon Division with factories in Norway, Scotland and Chile, and BioMar is currently building a new factory in Tasmania. 

– We are proud and excited to have Biomar to join our Sustainability community. Biomar has shown impressive efforts to improve the sustainability performance in fishfarming.  Biomar and Cluster share the prospects our ocean has to sustainable feed our world with healthy and nutritious seafood, says Tanja Hoel, managing director of The Seafood Innovation Cluster.

In Norway, BioMar has factories at Myre in Vesterålen, and at Karmøy outside Haugesund. Our factories in Myre and Karmøy produce together close to 470 000 tonnes of salmon feed. BioMar also has a competence and research center at BioMar House in Trondheim

BioMar’s main focus is supporting our customers in delivering healthy, great tasting seafood. We do this by innovating efficient, sustainable, safe and nutritious feed for aquaculture with minimal environmental impact. 

– We have a history of innovation at BioMar that matches well with the ambitions of NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. BioMar pioneered the use of microalgae in fish feed already four years ago when we launched AlgaPrime with our partner Corbion, says Sales and Marketing Director of BioMar Norway, Hans Halle-Knutzen.

BioMar excited to get started

– For us the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is a meeting point where innovation, development, and knowledge are generated and leveraged, says Sales and Marketing Director of BioMar Norway, Hans Halle-Knutzen.

– For BioMar Norway it is important to be present where innovation is happening and be part of an environment where knowledge is shared. We are excited to be a part of the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, says Sales and Marketing Director of BioMar Norway, Hans Halle-Knutzen

Read more about BioMar here: BioMar_LOGO_Biomar_short