Our student intern Shazma Viktoria Juriks (23) from BI has worked with Benedicte Skogen developing a new Seafood Trainee website together with a marketing- and communications strategy for the program. We congratulate Shazma with her excellent results!

Shazma1 Shazma2 Photo: Benedicte Skogen, Shazma V. Juriks

Shazma Victoria Juriks
Hi, my name is Shazma Viktoria Juriks (23), from Drammen, Norway. Currently I’m completing the final year of my bachelor degree in Marketing Management at, BI Norwegian Business School, in Bergen. This semester I have been fortunate enough to be offered an internship position at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. The employees at NCE Seafood has given me important and real insight into the industry’s current, and future opportunities and underlying challenges.

Why Seafood?
Norway has the potential of becoming a leading seafood nation. The industry is under tremendous development and growth. However, Norway’s Seafood Council stated that only 6/100 wishes for a future career within the seafood industry (Norges Sjømatråd, 2018). As a result, the industry is increasing its focus towards the importance of attracting more graduates to choose this as a career path. Norwegian seafood companies have felt the increased need for competence within various qualified skills. Therefore, it is important to show the many opportunities the industry provides, and to create interest amongst young people. The seafood industries growth depends on the young generations knowledge and expertise.

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is aiming towards a sustainable growth throughout the entire value chain, in the existing and future-oriented industry. Increased investments, with focus on new technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, has created advantages that will support and enable a sustainable future for the seafood industry. The seafood sector has also contributed to create more job opportunities. This shows that the importance of knowledge and competence is paramount for enabling a sustainable future of seafood production.

Companies are constantly working to increase productivity, and to accelerate ongoing and new development processes. This is facilitated by increased focus on technology development entrepreneurship, innovation and competence, to enable a sustainable growth, both nationally and on a global scale. Therefore, companies need young people, with high skills, competence and expertise. They have the ability to think differently, and come up with new creative and viable solution, that will contribute to create company value. The young generations are therefore a valuable resource for all industry companies.

Attracting young talents
The challenges of covering the increasing level of need for competence is founded in the young generation. How do we make students and graduates aware and interested in seafood industry, and especially, convey the attractive career opportunities the industry offers?

NCE Seafood believes in the importance of attracting young talent to the industry. During this semester, I have worked alongside Benedicte Skogen, further developing Norway’s first trainee- program for the seafood industry. The program was launched in 2015, and this autumn I have developed a marketing- and communication strategy for the program. The aim is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the seafood and aquaculture industry in Norway, both amongst students and graduates. One of the projects tied to the strategy, has involved the development of the seafood trainee website. The website allows both applicants and trainee companies gain easier access to information, the application process and important deadlines. Link: https://www.seafoodtrainee.no/  

“I have been given important and real insight into  the industry’s current, and future opportunities and underlying challenges. One of the most important factors for growth in the industry is knowledge and expertise and students and graduates are an important recourse for the industry. Therefore it s essential that they are informed early on, about their career opportunities and benefits of being a part of such a future-oriented industry, ”, says Shazma Juriks.

Seafood Trainee
The Seafood Trainee Program, allows 29 qualified applicants receive a unique opportunity to get up close to everything the industry has to offer. The program is a great opportunity for those who graduate and who do not have the necessary work experience to apply for positions that require higher qualifications or educational levels. Candidates get to develop to their full potential by challenging themselves through stimulating projects, and working alongside experienced workers. In addition, being a seafood trainee company makes you an attractive employer. This will contribute to strengthening the company’s reputation and attractiveness amongst the best candidates applying for the program. Candidates bring new impulses and knowledge to the company. This creates room for increased interaction and cooperation, that benefits the trainees and the companies. In addition, employing fresh minds creates the opportunity for trainees to show their ability that contribute to accelerating increased productivity and creating new innovative, sustainable and viable solutions. Another underlying question is based on the importance of; how do we keep the candidates within the seafood sector, when they end their trainee period?

Young students and graduates as an important resource
Young students and graduates as I mentioned earlier, are an important recourse for the industry. This generation has unique qualities, knowledge, comprehensive skills and a talent sett the industry can utilize and benefit from, for developing new and expanding on existing projects. The seafood trainee program is directed towards strengthening the awareness, and the importance of attracting knowledge and expertise to the sector. On the other hand, the program also highlights the wide range of attractive career opportunities the industry offers.

I also believe that one way of attracting interest, curiosity and knowledge to the industry is through involvement of the young generation.

My internship
My internship at NCE Seafood this semester has been a wonderful learning arena, where I have had the opportunity to come closer to the seafood and aquaculture industry. I have gained a lot of new knowledge about the industry, the work experience, and what my future opportunities are. I have had room to challenge myself, and to take on a project that has required independence and cooperation. Benedicte Skogen has been a wonderful mentor, which worked closely with this half year. Lastly, I would like to thank Tanja Hoel, Benedicte Skogen, Björgólfur Hávarðsson, Solveig Holm and Poppy Kalesi, who have made my internship unforgettable and something that I strongly recommend to others who seek a job within the seafood industry.


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