As never before, Ocean Innovation Catapult makes it easier developing and testing of new ideas in aquaculture

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Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult (OINC) is a national test-, simulation – and visualisation centre, ensuring efficient prototype development, and verification of new solutions for aquaculture and ocean industries. OINC provides you the real opportunity to see in practice how works your idea using the ‘one-stop shop’ concept.

Test your innovative solutions
OINC makes easy the test of innovative solutions by involving interdisciplinary cooperation and uses expertise across professional environments and industry. In connection with KABIS, OINC catapult offers the physical infrastructure, including tools, facilities and competence in design, build and test physical and digital prototypes for aquaculture. The services include, among others, design and concept development that may be used in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), digitalisation, in situ and laboratory testing. Instruments and sensors to measure the amount of gases dissolved in water, control of light and water quality are also included.

OINC centre provides practical testing of solutions that may reinforce the RAS based aquaculture already in use in Norway by improving its technology, reducing the amount of water needed to produce a kilo of fish and the risk related to biological and welfare challenges.

This offer is open to small and medium sized enterprises, partners of the Seafood Innovation Cluster as well as and to external companies.

Support project development
There are dedicated support schemes available for SMEs who want to test and develop their ideas and technologies in a catapult centre. The support is limited to 100.000,- NOK with a requirement of an equal amount in kind contribution. More information can be found on the Norwegian Catapult homepage (in Norwegian).

 If you are interested in more information about OINC, or have project ideas you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  Contact information:

Björgólfur Hávarðsson
Phone: +47 92 21 27 27

Inge Ådland
Phone: +47 93 00 37 30

Gisle Nondal
Phone: +47 95 77 18 46 Norwegian Catapult
Catapult centers make it easy for innovative companies to develop prototypes, test, visualise and simulate, so that ideas develop faster, better and less risky. The catapult center tailors the service to corporate needs whether it is assistance throughout the innovation process or to a specific, limited challenge.


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