One of the main points of digitizing an industry is to produce new insights, services and products. To give fish farmers and consumers alike insight into how big data benefits our efforts in animal health and welfare management, we have cooperated with Tekna to visualize the data streams and how we bring them to bear on the entire value chain.

Tekna-Havåker It is important to give our surroundings an insight into what kind of information we are gathering and how we can utilize this to improve our fish health and animal welfare management. Together with the Tekna owned Ocean fields initiative (Havåker), we have produced an infographic showing how data is produced and utilized along the value chain, available on any platform, of course!  See our efforts in the article on Dataflow in the Aquaculture Industry or access it directly here.

We have also contributed to a booklet on big data, how better flow of information contributes to strengthen the future of aquaculture in the booket here.