NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster has initiated a new competence and development program for cluster start-ups – “Are you ready to raise capital?”. The program aims to give insight and expertise on fund-raising in early-stage companies and will actively contribute to relationships that can lead to future investments.

Kapital dag Spill b 08.11.19 The program has a duration of three months and involves a one-day workshop and two follow-up meetings after 4 weeks and 3 months.

Six cluster start-up members have signed up for participation in this pilot version of the capital program that was kicked-off with a workshop November 8th, hosted by EY at Marineholmen in Bergen.

The workshop was focusing on what early-stage companies need to know in meetings with investors, exemplified both by the participating companies´ own stories, other case studies and by playing The Scale Up Game.

The program aims to actively contribute to relationships that can lead to investments in the participation companies, and we presented our new Seafood Innovation Portal as a tool in the process of match-making between challenges, start-ups and investors for increased open innovation in the seafood industry.

All participants will be preparing their own capital raising action plan, and there will be two follow-up meetings in December and February. The purpose is to help start-up companies get in a better position to successfully raise capital, and over the next three months we will work together with the participating companies to help raise funding. Kapital dag Spill 08.11.19