NHH’s Executive MBA in Seafood Management aims at preparing professionals for senior management positions in the seafood industry and related sectors. It provides in-depth knowledge and expertise across key areas such as economics, strategy, management, marketing, finance and accounting.

NHH Executive MBA in Seafood Management

The program augments a broad, general curriculum with strong focus on the seafood industry, its challenges and opportunities. Innovation, sustainability and a global perspective are therefore main themes throughout the program. The program provides breadth and depth through coursework that is topical, relevant and tailored to address the critical issues of the seafood industry today and in the future.

The program integrates theoretical and practical applications and features engagement and networking among faculty members and experienced classmates. The goal is to provide relevant competence at a high academic level and to build a network for learning and further development both within and outside the classroom sessions. The group of participants is small and carefully selected, as we aim to bring together people from different regions and different parts of the global seafood industry, representing a broad set of expertise and experiences. This facilitates learning, stimulates discussions and provides diverse perspectives on relevant business problems. The networking feature is an important learning factor, both during the program and after its completion.


The seafood innovation cluster members price is NOK 320.000 (ordinary NOK 345.000).

The next program starts in September 2020. There will be a voluntary kick off meeting in Bergen that will be recorded and streamed for those not able to attend. In the case of a ban on travelling due to the coronavirus outbreak, the first module meeting will be available online.


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