In NCE Seafood Innovation, we have moved on with our planned projects and are happy to give you highlights from the first half of 2020.

In June, we hosted our first digital Executive Seafood Forum, where we talked about the current cluster status and achievements from the first half of 2020. Watch the event on Youtube for timestamps.

The published status report for the first half of 2020 elaborates and gives additional insights into the cluster status and achivements, some highlights include:

  • All planned physical meetings were hosted in Q1 before the Covid-19 restrictions, and further member interactions were switched to digital meetings and webinars.
  • The recruitment of Seafood Trainee has been finalized, with 400 applicants for the program. 25 Seafood Trainees will start in August.
  • Seafood Next, a new competence program for candidates new to the industry will be launched in September with 30 candidates.
  • We have been exploring and applying for project financing to secure the development of innovation projects, and the activity plan for Q3+Q4 focuses on project development and early stage innovation project, within digital transformation and improved fish welfare.
  • Jørn Torsvik has been appointed as new project leader for AquaCloud.
  • To strengthen the focus area entrepreneurship, Pia S. Rønningen has been hired as a new business developer.
  • In 2020 we are happy to welcome 16 new partners, members, and collaborators. In addition to this, Nofima has become a new shareholder in the Cluster.