In the last two weeks, we had over 500 registered across our sectors and clusters in our webinar series “Land meets Ocean”. Through panel discussions and presentations by our 13 speakers from industry and academia, we experienced great interest and a lot of innovative business concepts across blue and green sectors solving the most important challenges of increasing the level of circularity across the clusters and sustainable food production in the agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries sectors.

Through the webinar series, a large number of ideas have emerged, but we also invite you to contribute your expert views on trends shaping these sectors, obstacles to innovation and innovative business ideas across blue-green industries.

The purpose of the Innovation Survey 2020 is to serve as a platform for prioritizing business ideas and analysis for this year’s innovation process and workstreams in the «Land meets Ocean 2020» program.

Following the outside-in analysis and webinars, the clusters will select defined innovation projects, and kick-start the workstreams that will be awarded external innovation support in developing cross-sector business concepts with selected and invited partners across the sectors.

The innovation projects start as early as October 6 and end on November 24. Through the project, the innovation projects will receive innovation methodology support from EY Consulting.

The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to answer and if you want to nominate your business idea for the project, we need your answer by Thursday, September 24, 2020.

Take the Innovation Survey 2020 

You can also contact one of the cluster leaders directly to nominate your business idea for the project:

Wenche Uksnøy, NCE Blue Legasea +47 900 15 073
Kristiane Hag Berg, NCE Heidner Biocluster +47 906 80 414
Nina Stangeland, NCE Seafood Innovation +47 941 56 956
Line Kjelstrup, Biotech North +47 995 05 974

NB: The survey is not anonymous, as we want to involve contributors in the further process.

Missed any of the webinars?

View on Youtube for timestamps. Presentations:


View on Youtube for timestamps. Presentations:


View on Youtube for timestamps. Presentations:


View on Youtube for timestamps. Presentations: