We are happy to see that more and more companies see the value in coming together to solve industry challenges and to build sustainable businesses within the seafood sector. Per August 2020 we count 84 member companies in NCE Seafood Innovation, ranging from industry leaders with an international presence to local early-stage entrepreneurial businesses.

Two of our new members are the Indian based company Garware Technical Fibres and the French startup company Bioceanor.

Garware Technical Fibres is a manufacturer of aquaculture cage nets with a leading market share in Norway, Scotland, British Columbia, and Chile. Garware Technical Fibres is listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange and has over 5000 employees. “The motivation for Garware to join the Norwegian Seafood Cluster is to be able to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute towards the sustainable farming vision, ” says Country Manager Norway, Pål Korneliussen.

Bioceanor is a startup located in Sophia Antipolis (France). Bioceanor has developed an underwater weather station for real-time and predictive monitoring of water quality. The solution is dedicated to aquaculture in RAS and open-sea and allow fish farmers to better understand the dynamics of the water quality. One of Bioceanor’s reasons for joining the cluster is to get a better understanding of the needs of the salmon farmers.

During the summer we have also welcomed these companies to our cluster:

  • MicroClean
  • Inka
  • StartupLab
  • Farvatn
  • Momentum
  • Marimetrics
  • Oceanium
  • Seas of Norway
  • Tekslo

We are confident that our new members will contribute with their knowledge and expertise to boost the sustainable growth of our industry! We encourage you to read more about their businesses on our website.