This fall StartupLab arranged the ideathon ‘2030 Bergen’, and the cluster is thrilled to see Lerøy taking the winning idea to the next step because innovation is key to enabling sustainable growth in the seafood industry!

“Lerøy’s team looked at possibilities for seaweed plastic to replace conventional plastic in packaging. We at Lerøy are impressed with what the group achieved in such a short period and the way they gathered information and collaborated. Lerøy has therefore chosen to invite the team to a closer study as an extension of the program, and in this first step to gain more insights for the possibilities of using self-produced seaweed as a component in packaging.” Gunn Kristine Sekse, Category Manager Norway, Lerøy

Through the company Ocean Forest, Bellona and cluster partner Lerøy collaborates to produce seaweed for its interesting properties, and this idea might become one application.

Thanks to StartupLab for hosting 2030 Bergen and everyone who made it great! If your company is interested in innovation contributing to a more sustainable future we hope to see you next year!