NOKUT has approved the application to establish a new vocational school within recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS).


To reach the Cluster goal of sustainable growth and innovation, the need for new and updated programs within recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) has increased. Together with project «KABIS», OINC (Ocean Innovation Catapult), Western Counties, and Vocational school, we have set an ambition to develop new and more updated educational programs for the industry within RAS.

In the project financed by Vestland County and Møre & Romsdal County we are developing education programs within RAS-technology, including Continuing Education and Professional Development within new production methods.

Vocational technical college within RAS

Yesterday, we received the good news that NOKUT approved the application that had been submitted from the vocational school to establish a new vocational school within RAS. “There has been a high demand from the industry to establish this vocational school, and we are happy that the vocational technical school within RAS will start early next year”, says Benedicte Skogen, Competence Manager in NCE Seafood Innovation.

The vocational technical college within RAS shall provide students with a basic understanding of chemical, physical and biological processes that are relevant to the aquaculture industry. Emphasis is placed on the students being able to understand the connection between different chemical, biological, and physical parameters and understand what the consequences are if these changes.