Jørn Torsvik, Project Manager at AquaCloud launched the datasets on environmental data and fish health data together with Ingunn Sommerset, Fish Health Expert at Veterinærinstituttet and Kristian Blom, Head of Insight at Aquabyte at Havlunsj.

It was great to get started with Havlunsj and on the topic of data sharing, and collaborating towards sustainable growth within the seafood industry. AquaCloud provides insight into 4000 fish cages along the coast of Norway through datasets, which you and your company can access in AquaClouds Developer Portal.

More about AquaCloud:

  • Watch the recording and presentation slides inside Seapoint, our online competency hub.
  • Listen to AquaCloud’s podcast series on platforms as Spotify. Link to first episode.


This Havlunsj was hosted by NCE Seafood Innovation. We look forward to the next Havlunsj, together with our partners NCE Maritime CleanTech, Marineholmen, VIS, Maritime Bergen and GCE Ocean Technology.