NCE Seafood Innovation together with the Seafood Next and Seafood Trainee groups, continue our knowledge and experience exchange with Icelandic colleagues.

Yesterday we heard Davíð Tómas Davíðss from Codland talk about how to maximize value from all parts of the fish, and their goal to promote progress in the fishing industry through innovation and collaboration.

Then we got a presentation from Bjarni Hjartarson at Navis, about electrification of fishing vessels, the potential for hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol as fuel for the shipping industry, and the consequences the non-fossil fuel give for ship design.

Konrad Hatlemark Olavsson from Maritech gave us an update on software solutions for the whole seafood industry value-chain: control, automation, and traceability.

Then Brim welcomes the group in their production hall. Brim is one of Iceland’s largest seafood companies. They focus on fishing and  processing technology, production development, and are engaged in the fishing and processing of ground fish and pelagic fish.

In the afternoon we heard a presentation from Lysi about the production of fish oil for human consumption, their activities in research and product development, manufacturing and sale.

Finally we rounded up the day with an inspiring introduction of the Iceland Ocean Cluster and its background for the establishment, by non other than the founder of the cluster, Vilhjalmur Jens Arnason