Last week NCE Seafood Innovation welcomed the third group to start the competence program Seafood Next.

The first module was held over three days here in Bergen, and the seafood value chain was the topic of conversation.

The first day was held at Bod 24, where the participants received great presentations from different actors throughout the value chain. Lars Christian Øverland and Daniel Laberg from EY kicked off the day by presenting the Norwegian Aquaculture Analysis 2020. Next up was Olav Lekve who presentert the main objective and role of the Directorate of Fisheries. To round up the first day, we had Krister Hoaas from Lerøy Seafood join us to talk about sustainability in the seafood industry.

On day two of the program, all the participants joines us as we visited Nesfossen Smolt, who focuses on salmon and trout. Ronald Marøy, Manager at the Nesfossen and Frode Sandvik, Quality Manager, showed us around their facilites, explaining all elements of production, from fertilization to vaccination of the fish.

After our visit at Nesfossen, we continued to Skjærgårdsfisk, a fish farm located at Radøy, that is also part of Hardanger Akvasenter. On arrival we were served lunch, followed by a tour of the fish farm in rib boats by Solveig Botnen, Manager at Hardanger Akvasenter and Skjærgårdsfisk, and an inspiring presentation by Margnar Ottesen and Arthur Marøy, a pioneer and the former holder of Skjærgårdsfisk. It was really interesting getting to know the history of Skjærgårdsfisk, and the participants especially had questions regarding diseases, vaccines and what challenges land based farming might create.

The last day of this first module was held at Sander K, where Jorge Piazza from Benchmark Genetics talked about Breeding and Genetics, followed by Anne Tolas from Cargill who talked about Aquaculture feed and nutrition. After lunch we had Tom-Eirik Thorgersen from Grieg Seafood join us to talk about the supply chain and production, before Anders Sunde from Sjor rounded the day off with a sales presentation.

We had a great first module here in Bergen, and the feedback from the participants was that they are very pleased with both the professional content, but also the social parts and how the module was organized. We were happy to hear from the participants that the module exceeded their expectations.

Thank you to everyone for participating and to our industry experts for contributing to the program. We look forward to seeing you all again for module two.