In NCE Seafood Innovation we believe that working together for innovation and sustainability is key, and therefor it is always exciting to welcome new members who focuses on just that. Digital transformation, fish health and circular economy are all industrial focus areas within our new strategy, and also what new cluster members Ragn Sells and Wellfish Diagnostics are working within.

Ragn-Sells Havbru

Ragn-Sells Havbruk aims to become a key player in the development of technology and logistics for the recovery of resources from aquaculture. They are working to be one of the leading players, and will strengthen the aquaculture industry when facing challenges within environmental issues and recycling. Their goal is to solve challenges where resources are lost by means of sustainable treatment of raw materials and further development of technology. They also want to create an efficient value chain for utilization of the value potential in sludge from food fish production. Visit their website to know more.

Wellfish Diagnostics

Fish health and welfare meets Artificial Intelligence at Wellfish Diagnostics, who aims to revolutionize fish healthcare in the aquaculture industry through rapid, 24 hour blood testing for fish enabling a novel data informed, pro-active healthcare model, increasing productivity, fish health and profitability. Through their work they want to enhance the sustainability of the aquaculture industry through increased productivity resulting from improved fish health and welfare. Read more about their work on their website.