The Italian company that develops underwater wifi networks has obtained recognition in the “Ocean Observation” category at Blueinvest Day.

Photo: Wsense, Prof. Dr. Chiara Petriol, Founder and CTO, WSense srl

Press release from Wsence, 6th April

The BlueInvest Award

The Blueinvest Day 2022 is dedicated to innovation in the Blue Economy and is organized by the European Commission in Brussels.

The BlueInvest Awards is part of the event which took place 28 March, and where Wsense was one of two CINEA co-funded projects being declared winners in the Ocean Observation” category for new products, technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence for ocean observation, from marine data collection and analysis.

The BlueInvest Award aims to promote innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by supporting preparation and access to finance for early- stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups.

Wsense would like to thank the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries which enables this award and the platform and accelerator to foster innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy

About Wsense

Wsense, is a deep tech company that brings patented technologies to the market to create underwater wireless networks. The company is one of the main pioneers of the concept of the Internet of Things for offshore (Internet of Underwater Things – IoUT), for the monitoring and eco-sustainable exploitation of marine environments. It has developed solutions to provide in situ continuous monitoring from marine, lakes and underwater environments, used to digitalize aquaculture (water quality monitoring, wireless structural monitoring, and fish welfare monitoring via its innovative W-Pico product supporting direct fish welfare monitoring).

The W-Pico unit developed by Wsense in the SEASTAR project together with Leroy SeafoodGroup and University of Bergen is a miniaturised communication and sensing unit for intra-body measurements in salmon. The 2-way communication is a smart enabler for effective lifetime power management of the sensing unit, and for robust communication between the sensing unit and the system receivers.

Wsense is one of the contributors of AquaCloud 2.0 standard. Its solutions are standard compliant and able to translate also third party sensor format in standard-compliant format (IoT hub).


Wsense is member of the  NCE Seafood Innovation and NCE Seafood Innovation congratulates.


Read more about Wsense here.