This spring we were so lucky to get an EU Advisor in our team. In addition to creating more knowledge about the European funding programs here at our office, Cathrine Ulvatne, have already been out and about, meeting people in the industry and helped us with applications. Get to know her better with these five questions.

Who is Cathrine?

I am a curious woman at my best age always ready for a good talk and a cup of coffee (with milk!).

What is your role in the NCE Seafood Innovation Team?

My main objective as an EU Advisor in NCE Seafood Innovation is to increase awareness of the European funding programs within the seafood industry and to help the cluster member companies exploit opportunities within Horizon Europe, EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation. I hope to inform and encourage member companies to take an active part in EU collaborative initiatives. I also work to support development of project proposals within public funding, such as Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Research Council.

What are you most looking forward to in your position as EU Advisor, and what have you done so far?

I have already met a lot of interesting and inspiring people and visited companies and fish farm facilities. I look forward to learning more about the seafood industry and build a rich network of partners both nationally and within Europe. The aquaculture industry faces some challenges, but in the years to come I believe we will experience a huge increase in sustainable and technological innovation. I am happy to be a small part of this journey.

Describe yourself in three words?


If you had one more hour each day, what would you do?

Probably play some more tennis. I started playing 4 years ago and I am totally in love with this beautiful sport.

Cathrine is no doubt, a sporty woman, ready to take action as an EU advisor. She will work closely with our members to identify opportunities and to mobilize for increased cooperation and participation in EU projects. She will also help and advice if you are applying for Public Funding. Do not hesitate to get in touch at

Visit our page about EU Advisory for more information.