That was one of the takeaways from last week’s focus groups at Bod24. Key people from industry and academia were invited to discuss and influence what the cluster should work with going forward.

Five focus areas in the cluster

We had five gatherings, where each one was tied to one of our industrial areas of priority:

  • Digital transformation and digitalization
  • Fish health and welfare
  • Future competence and talent attraction
  • Climate, environment, and circular economy
  • Future feed ingredients

A demand for competence and collaboration

In the first three meetings, the attendees expressed a need for more competence within technology and data. Because everyone is going through a digitalization of some sort, or towards a digital transformation, the demand for technology-competent people is high, everywhere.

This means that building knowledge and attracting new competence to the industry, certainly is equally important next year as well.

When it comes to climate, environment and circular economy, and future feed ingredients, the importance of working together across the value chain to solve problems, is something the participants uttered a wish to do more of.  

Collaboration to enhance the use of new novel feed ingredients is essential, and this was also mentioned in both this meeting and at the future feed ingredients group. Large-scale production of sustainable feed ingredients is something the industry needs to solve together with academia, the industry and other institutions.

Will influence our work forward

The focus groups were initiated to ensure further collaboration and co-creation with members and partners. They therefore are an important meeting place between the cluster and our members, and the input from the gatherings influence our work.

We are thankful that our members and partners are joining us at focus groups, discussing the way forward.