A standard can be viewed as a common “recipe” on how something should be done or made. The Norwegian Standard – NS 9417 – which is relevant for aquaculture, has recently undergone a revision. Learn more about it at our webinar.
Figures from the digital competence program

Environmental measurements

The standard NS 9417 is also known as “Salmon and Rainbow Trout – Terminology and Methods for Documentation of Production”, and it presents new guidelines for environmental measurements in aquaculture.

Using the same methods reduces the possibility for misinterpretations and it makes the communication in the whole value chain more effective. The standard NS 9417 also produces the basis for consistent data registration.

NS 9417 also gives the value chain in aquaculture central definitions and terminology, in addition to recommendations about standardised environmental measures.

Digital competence program

Together with Grieg Seafood, we have developed a pilot for a digital competence program regarding the new recommendations. The aim is that the program will give increased knowledge and motivation to use standardised environmental measurements, and it will improve data quality.

The digital competence program is a pilot, and the goal is that it will be available for the whole aquaculture industry during the next few years.

Learn more at the webinar

Check out our 30-minute webinar on NS 9417 from December 8 if you are interested in learning more.

You will get a sneak peek at the updated guidelines for environmental measurements as well as an explanation of their advantages when Truls Petersen from Standards Norway presents NS 9417.

Additionally, Trond Kathenes from Grieg Seafood, Ingunn Sommerset from Veterinary Institute and Björgólfur Hávarðsson from NCE Seafood Innovation will take part in a discussion about the importance of standardised environmental measurements.