One more year is coming to an end, and we would like to thank you, our members and partners, for an amazing 2022. While we have many memorable moments to choose from, here are 5 exciting projects and happenings from the past year.

Our first industry report about future feed ingredients

From the left: Einar Wathne, Henning Beltestad, Maria Helsengreen, Nina Stangeland, Andreas Kvame, Håvard Walde, Elise Sæle Dahle and Björgólfur Hávarðsson. Photo: Silje Ringheim

Future ingredients for Norwegian salmon feed” was launched in October. The report addresses the gap between government ambitions and the status of future feed ingredients towards 2030.

The report identified four critical success factors:

  1. Meeting future demand through a portfolio of resources.
  2. Developing an overall strategy for bioresources.
  3. Developing a strategy for sustainable feed ingredients.
  4. Introducing incentives to scale-up production of Norwegian feed ingredients.

849 pupils tried to solve industry challenges

Innovation camp at Marinehallen

Through innovation camps at 11 high schools, youngsters got to learn about the industry and work on their problem solving skills.

Together with Ungt Entreprenørskap, we challenged them to present a solution to problems the seafood industry works with every day – either plastic reduction or increased seafood consumption.

It resulted in a lot of different ideas, and they impressed the participating companies Nutrimar, Cargill, Grieg Seafood, Patogen, Lerøy and NHH with their creativity.  

Read the full story here.

11 millions to test blue mussels as chicken feed

In October BlueMusselFeed got 11 million in funds from the Research Council of Norway. Going forward, the partners will test and establish blue mussel as a new feed ingredient for poultry.

Blue mussels are an excellent protein and fatty acid resource, and the thought is that they can replace imported soy, corn-gluten and fish protein.

The project is a crossover collaboration between Fiskå Mølle, Lerøy Ocean Forest, Eide Fjordbruk, Norforsk, Animalia, Nortura, Land Meets Ocean, NCE Seafood Innovation, NCE Heidener Biocluster, Blue Legasea and Biotech North.

New competence program

A new circular economy program for the seafood industry was born this year. Seafood Circular started in May and participants from different companies were gathered at Bekkjarvik in Austevoll for 2 days 4 times.

Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen, Solveig Holm, Nina Stangeland and Sveinung Jørgensen.

The aim is that program will provide knowledge about circular economy and circular business models and inspire more circular solutions in the seafood industry and across value chains, Solveig Holm, Senior Project Manager in NCE Seafood Innovation, says.

In addition to learning about circular economy, the participants get to connect with others and it might result in collaboration across companies.

Sounds interesting? We have a new program starting in February. Apply before the deadline 31st of January.

BioFeyn won the Seafood Innovation Award

Timothy A. Bouley, CEO BioFeyn

This year`s Seafood Innovation Award went to BioFeyn for their work with aquaculture feed additives.

BioFeyn is awarded the Seafood Innovation award today because they work with solving the challenges of feed utilising in aquaculture industry. It is a limited resource, and BioFeyn uses cutting-edge methods to improve the use of aquaculture feed, the jury said.

The Boston-based, Norwegian-backed biotechnology company is pioneering a new generation of aquaculture feed additives. By using proven materials from human biomedicine, BioFeyn is maximising the impact of often scarce or expensive ingredients to improve animal health, reduce resource use, and minimise waste.

We are excited to see who the prize goes to next year!

Ready for 2023

We look forward to an exciting year to come, with new projects, collaborations and meetings together with you.