We have talked to two startups about what they do and how they strive to improve fish health and welfare. This time, Blue Lice’s Chief Business Development Officer Steffen Klemetsen Jakobsen has provided us with insight into their strategy.
Photo: Blue Lice

Recent Norwegian reports on fish health and fish welfare have clearly stated the need for progress in this area before the industry is eligible for growth. Fortunately, startups and companies are working hard to develop new technology that can improve the current situation.  

Blue Lice is one of them, and as the name reveals, they work with one of the biggest problems in fish farming industry.

What do your company do?

– Blue Lice – a game-changing technology that shifts the focus from treatment to prevention in the salmon farming industry. Our patented sea lice trap attracts and catches the harmful parasites before they attack the salmon, providing a cost effective and sustainable solution for the industry, Jakobsen explaines.

How can your innovation contribute to better fish health?

– By catching sea lice before they can attach to salmon, we eliminate the need for harmful treatments and significantly reduce sea lice levels in fjords.

As stated by the Veterinary Institutes Fish Health Report, damages from delousing are one of the three most significant health challenges for farmed salmon in 2022. Reducing sea lice would therefore decrease handling, and thus, the consequences of the treatment.

These benefits, in turn, promote optimal fish welfare for both farmed and wild salmon populations. Our solution offers a sustainable approach to salmon farming, and we’re proud to apart of a brighter future for the industry, Jakobsen says.

Different approaches are needed

According to EY’s new Norwegian Aquaculture Analysis, sea lice represent the biggest threat to fish health in Norway, and combined effort is needed to solve this. Fortunately, many of our members are working with various approaches, such as Blue Lice has shown here.

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