Tech innovations and digital strategies was on the agenda on the webinar 19th of April, where Tidal, Grieg Seafood, Optimeering Aqua and Cognizant Ocean shared inspirating views on the way forward. Watch it now if you missed it!
Craig Churchill, COO, Tidal, and Trond Kathenes, CIO, Grieg Seafood

Shifting mindsets

Craig Churchill, COO in Tidal, a Moonshot Factory, started off by explaining how they work with giving “this beautiful analogue world under the water a digital voice”.

Among others, he emphasised the importance of shifting perspectives from procurement mindset to an investment mindset, in addition to collaboration.

– Innovative technology can be somewhat daunting sometimes, and I’ve certainly been in the industry long enough to see companies stumble with it. So, it’s really important that you get a good partner in place and try not to do it alone.

The importance of digitial strategies

Watch the webinar to learn the importance of digital strategies, see Erlend Torgnes from Optimeering Aqua talk about data driven aquaculture and the power of a digital ecosystem, and how Cognizant Ocean wants to digitize the aquaculture value chain.