The brand-new report “Industry Insight: Data sharing in the Norwegian aquaculture industry” was released today. Increased data sharing is a critical success factor to achieve growth in our industry, and the report identifies actions we can do to increase it.

Sharing data to reach our goals

Multiple common challenges must be tackled to achieve a fivefold increase in salmon production and a sixfold increase in value creation by 2050, and data sharing is highlighted as a crucial tool to accomplish sustainable growth.

– The extent of data shared in aquaculture remains limited, and the industry is lagging behind other industries when it comes to sharing data across the value chain. Nevertheless, we believe that increased data sharing can have positive effects on sustainability, profitability, value creation and fish health and welfare in the Norwegian aquaculture industry, Managing Director Nina Stangeland says.

Status and the way forward

The report explains the status today, where we are going as an industry and how to get there. It is based on interviews with 36 key stakeholders across all segments of the industry, including research institutions, public authorities and subject specialists.

With this report, our ambition is to make evident the benefits and opportunities that data sharing can offer the industry, Stangeland, says.

We are grateful for the participation of interviewees, the steering group and Deloitte which has contributed with putting the report together.

Did you miss the launch? Don’t worry, you can watch it again below.