20Tretti – Collab event

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20Tretti is a three-part program, hosted by StartupLab, focusing on todays climate headaches.

Both Bergen and Oslo municipalities aim to be fossil fuel free by 2030. The clock is ticking fast, meaning climate action will not only be a competitive advantage in the nine years to come, it will become a necessity.

StartupLab works in the intersection between ambitious tech startups and the biggest corporations in Norway. With 20tretti, StartupLab brings climate headaches and climate solutions into dialogue.

NCE Seafood Innovation is one of 19 partners who has joined StartupLab in this years program, where we will be tackling plastic waste as our climate headache. Our team consists of highly resourceful and talented people from Benchmark Genetics, Lerøy Seafood and Skanem, who are all members of the cluster.

We are eager to get together with our team, and discuss plastic waste and define our climate headache.


IDEATE: 8-9th of September we are gathering in Bergen for a  two-day partner workshop, where we will learn more about sustainable innovation and define our climate headache.

PROTOTYPE: Between 20th of September and 20th of October, startups will apply to solve one of the climate headaches, and tailor-make their solution before meeting with our team.

COLLAB: On October 28th, we will meet up in Oslo for a one-day event for both partners and startups, where headaches will meet solutions.


Do you want to read more about the 20Tretti program? Visit their website here.

Are you a startup with a solution to one of the biggest climate headaches in Norway? Sign up here


Oslo, Norway


Oct 28, 2021


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20Tretti – Collab event

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