NASF Young Leadership Summit

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Shaping the global seafood future
NASF Young Leadership is organized by North Atlantic Seafood Forum, NCE Seafood Innovation, Seafish and Young Fish. It is a world initiative to establish a community of exeptional young individuals who share a commitment to shaping the future of the global seafood industry. Empowering young leadership facilitates the creation of innovative responses to global and regional challenges.

Young individuals are the future of the Seafood Industry and giving them the tools and skills to push the industry in the best direction for a sustainable future is therefore extremely important. The Young Leadership Summit is highly focused on young individuals and leaders, and how they can contribute to innovation and new thinking, going towards the future. The summit will be both educational and interactional, giving the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders, and also to develop and challenge yourselves as future possible leaders of the industry.

Date:  June 8, 2021
Time: 17.00 – 19.30
Where: Online Event

PART 1: Presentations from seafood experts
17:00     Welcome, NCE Seafood Innovation and Young Fish
17:10     Sustainable Seafood Communication: Opportunities for the next generation of Seafood Industry Leaders, Emily De Sousa
17:20     Leadership for sustainable future, Mary Gregory, Leadership Coach
17:35     What to focus on for future leaders?, Henning Beltestad, CEO, Lerøy

PART 2: Workshop on leadership
17:45     What is a leader? What to focus on? Introduction to workshops, Mary Gregory, Leadership Coach
18:15     Workshops – groups 5-6 – live
19:00     Presentations from workshops
19:25     Summing up
19:30     End

About part 1: Presentations from seafood experts
The first part of the summit will be an exciting 30 mins of presentations, held by industry experts in their field such as Emily De Sousa, Mary Gregory and Henning Beltestad, CEO at Lerøy Seafood.

Emily de Sousa is a trained qualitative researcher passionate about sustainable seafood, coastal resilience and marine policy. She is the founder of Seaside with Emily, a brand for the millennial woman focusing on all things coastal: coastal travel, food culture and wine, but most importantly; sustainable seafood. She is also the founder of Youth Action on Climate Change, a community incubator dedicated to cultivating the next generation of environmental leaders. At NASF Young Leadership Summit, Emily will talk about sustainable seafood communication, and opportunities for the next generation of seafood industry leaders. She will provide an overview of sustainable seafood, talk about best practices for messaging around sustainable seafood, and also how young people can play a pivotal role in helping the seafood industry to unite around some strong cohesive sustainability messaging.

Mary Gregory is a well-known leadership coach, facilitator, author and speaker. Her main focus is to empower purpose driven leaders to maximize their impact, which she does by working closely with leaders and organizations. In addition to working with leaders and organizations individually, she is also the facilitator of “future fit leaders café”, which is a monthly virtual session where leaders can take time from their schedule to talk to other leaders, discussing relevant themes. During her presentation she will talk about leadership for a sustainable future.

Our last presenter is Henning Beltestad, who is the CEO of Lerøy Seafood. Henning has a great commitment to young people succeeding in the seafood industry. In this session, he will give tips on what to focus on in order to succeed as a young leader in seafood.

About part 2: Workshop on leadership with Mary Gregory
The second part of the leadership summit is a workshop held and facilitated by Mary Gregory. Here you will have the opportunity to work together in groups of 5-6 people and present your work to the rest of the participants. This is a great opportunity for you to share your ideas and challenges as a leader or future leader and be provided with excellent tools to become the most confident and powerful leader you can be.  Mary has years of experience in developing leaders, so this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

We look forward to seeing many of you there – and we hope you are excited to become the greatest leaders you can be stepping into the future of the Seafood Industry.

For students, a limited amount of extra discounted tickets is available for the first 30 students. We offer 30 tickets to Young Leadership Summit, Seafood Innovation Day and NASF Conference. Discounted price: NOK 300,- per delegate. Use this link. NB! Tickets must be allocated to a dedicated university email to access the student price.

For members of YoungFish Norway and participants at Seafood Trainee program, we can offer discounted tickets to Young Leadership Summit, Seafood Innovation Day and NASF Conference. Discounted price: NOK 950,- per delegate. Use this link.
YoungFish Norway is a professional non-profit organisation for young people working within the seafood industry in Norway. YoungFish’s core purpose is to provide a competence and network enhancing arena for our members, and to promote the young professionals in the seafood industry. Membership is free and you’re welcome to join YoungFish Norway using this member application link.

For NCE Seafood Innovation’s partners and members, we offer discounted tickets to the Young Leadership Summit, Seafood Innovation Day and NASF Conference 2021 using this link.

For others, buy regular tickets using this link.


Online Event


Jun 08, 2021


17:00 - 19:30

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NASF Young Leadership Summit

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