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akvagroup-14 Photo: AKVAGroup

When:      Tuesday, 15th August
Time:       14:00-17:00
Location:  Room 8, AQUA NOR


14:00     Introduction to crossover project and new solutions in global aquaculture, Björgolfur Hávardsson, NCE Seafood Innovation

14:20     A brief overview of global aquaculture, Ragnar Nystøyl, Kontali Analyse

14:40     Technology Towards 2020 – are there any limits with biology? Tor Solberg, Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations

15:00     RAS technology – Major technological barriers and bottlenecks, Christopher Good, Ctrl Aqua

15:20     Break

15:40     Mekasense® Sensor platform for aquaculture, Richard Nilsen, Mekatronikk

15:55     Supplying the aquaculture industry with high quality products and systems, Olve Byre, Imenco

16:10     State of the art container for freight of living fish and shellfish, Gunnar Birkeland, Unitech

16:25     Underwater GPS and Wifi, Torstein Skogseth, Waterlinked

16:40     Truly exposed Cage Farming – What are the unknowns or unspoken challenges? Hans Bjelland, Sintef Ocean Chairperson for the event is Paul Steinar Valle from Kontali Analyse

Free entrance

Contact person: 
Anders Kalleberg, Deloitte
Tel: +47 99 04 24 98 Logo-salat Olje møter havbruk About the project:

The cluster-to-cluster project “Oil and gas meets Aquaculture” is a cooperative project between GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood Innovation. The project is facilitated by Deloitte and sponsored by Hordaland County. Focus for the project is to zoom in on some of the most potent areas for crossover and set up a series of related events and a project organization to support projects.


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