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By gathering expertise from the five Nordic countries we aim at identifying future opportunities and challenges inthe marine sector where the potential for enhanced collaboration is great as well as being of high relevance to EU.

We foresee that by doing so we will increase our shared capacity to impact science strategy priorities in the years to come, with particular reference to ‘FP9’ and JPIs.

Bergen Marine Research Cluster and Norwegian Center of Expertise, The Seafood Innovation Cluster, together with the Mission of Norway to the EU and Iceland, invite you to partake in this exclusive meeting in Brussels.

Where: Norway House, Rue Archimède 17, Brussel

Please register by sending a mail to – RSVP 1st of November, 2016

List of science counselors and research and industry experts:

Science counselors from the five Nordic countries posted in Brussels (tbc).
• Mr. Are Straume (Norway)
• Ms. Adalheidur Jonsdottir (Iceland)
• Mr. Per-Erik Yngwe (Sweden)
• Mr. Rami Nissilä (Finland)
• Ms. Griet Storr-Hansen (Denmark)
Scientists and experts
• Prof. Rolf Birger Pedersen, University of Bergen (UiB),
Norway. Marine Technology, deep-sea minerals, and
• Dr. Livar Frøyland, National Institute of Nutrition and
Seafood Research (NIFES), Norway. Seafood, feed and
human health.
• Dr. Arne Fredheim, SINTEF, Norway. Exposed Aquaculture.
• Einar Watne, President of Nutrition Cargill.
• Dr. Henrik Österblom, Deputy Science Director,
Stockholm Resillience Centre, Sweden.
• Prof. Stefan Neufeldt, Danish Technological University
(DTU), Denmark
• Fritz Köster, Institutdirektør for DTU Aqua.
• Prof. Erik Bonsdorff, Åbo University (AAU), Finland.
• Kolbeinn Árnason, Fisheries Iceland, Iceland møte 23.sept brussel Facebook_Nordicmarine_research_summit

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