Why Seafood Trainee?

Being a seafood trainee will allow you to acquire work experience in an exiting industry, while partaking in academic modules that complement your previous education and current trainee position. Therefore the program acts as a smoother transition to working life.

116 Seafood Trainees has graduated from the program so far, and by applying for the next round, you will have an outstanding start to a career in one of the most important Norwegian industries, where Norway has a leading role.  

Traine samlling i Bekkjarvik, Austevoll.

Need to know


Language: Norwegian

Salary: By agreement with company

Application period: November 1st, 2021 – December 31st, 2022

The program starts on 15th of August 2022


For questions regarding the program – please contact program manager Cathrine Gravdal on cathrine@seafoodinnovation.no

The program

The Seafood Trainee program runs over one year, with four modules of three days. The program is held in different locations, where the last module is held in beautiful Iceland. 

The modules is organised as follows: 

Module 1: The Value Chain, Bergen
Module 2: Research and Technology, Trondheim
Module 3: New value chains and Innovation, Tromsø
Module 4: Circular Econony, Iceland