Why choose a Seafood Trainee?

Being a Seafood Trainee company makes you attractive as an employer and will strengthen your company’s reputation and attractiveness among the best candidates.

As a Seafood Trainee company, you will get access to 500 highly qualified candidates with bachelor or master’s degree within, biology, economics, technology, social science, aquaculture, marketing, and law.

Candidates bring new impulses and knowledge to the company.

Being part of the Seafood Trainee program contributes to the company’s professionalization of recruitment and HR strategy.

Flexibility: The trainees are hired for only one year, with the opportunity for both parties to prolong their engagement.

Networking and sharing of knowledge between trainee companies.

Need to know

Cost Recruiting: 

  • Members/Partners in NCE Seafood Innovation: NOK 25.000 + VAT
  • Non-Members/Partners in NCE Seafood Innovation: NOK 25.000 + VAT

Program Cost:

  • Members/Partners in NCE Seafood Innovation: Free
  • Start-ups and risk capital members in NCE Seafood Innovation: NOK 27.500 + VAT
  • Non-Members/Partners in NCE Seafood Innovation: 55.000 NOK + VAT

The fees include:

  • Joint job announcement
  • Recruitment agency that receives applications and narrows down the candidates in relations to the company’s specification
  • Professional program. 4 Modules of 3 days.

The fees does not include:

  • Salary for the Seafood Trainee
  • Modules: Cost and lodging are billed by bill
  • Blue Planet Academy

Practical information

  • Language: Norwegian
  • One year program
  • Four modules of three days
  • Application period: September – October
  • Program starts on 15th of August

For questions regarding the program – please contact program manager Cathrine Gravdal on cathrine@seafoodinnnovation.no