Norwegian Cognitive Center

The Norwegian Cognitive Center is a strong industry crossover initiative to build Norway as a powerful European hub for applied AI and to attract world-leading expertise.

Behind the initiative are five industry clusters that represent over 500 companies, many of them global leaders in their fields such as Media, Fintech, Seafood, Offshore industries, and Proptech. Together with solid and relevant academic research environments, and a forward-leaning public sector we lay the foundation for this joint initiative The consortium has partnered with IBM, the global leader in AI, as our technology partner – together for sustainability and innovation.

Fueled by collaboration and cooperation the Center offers a shared competence across sectors and industries, unique in a European Context. The Center builds competence in AI across industries and the public sector, where we provide infrastructure in terms of personnel, know-how, and AI platforms. We deliver a program designed to enhance faster product development and scale-up AI development and empowering organizations to explore and use AI to gain a competitive advantage.

The center’s program has three core elements:

  • AI Inspire: Learning and sharing experience is all about building knowledge, competence, and capability related to “Ai ladder” for all companies and their involved employees. From leaders, business developers to data scientist and developers through different seminars, hackathons, and workshops.
  • AI Discover: An approach to enable businesses, authorities, and others to develop and design, deliver, and validate new solutions through a design thinking process. At the end of our 5 days program we build an MVP. This is a low-cost method where you test the business value before investing in the development and implementation.
  • AI Proof: When your use case is conceptualized through an MVP the centre support with AI personnel, mapping and inspecting the available data, annotation of raw data for ML models, training of ML data and testing the model to become good enough to perform the desired task at an acceptable level-

At a glance

The Norwegian Cognitive Center will develop and deliver knowledge, expertise, and capabilities across industries, the public sector, and society for Norway to become a world leader in artificial intelligence.

Since 2020 – Ongoing

Partners: NCE Seafood Innovation, Media City Bergen, NCE Finance Innovation, GCE Ocean, Proptech Innovation, Municipality of Bergen, IBM, NORCE, University of Bergen, VIS – Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, NORA, Helse Bergen, Bergen Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and NHH – Norwegian School of economics.

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, Media City Bergen, NCE Finance Innovation, GCE Ocean, and Proptech Innovation

Contact person:
Odd Gurvin

Project Manager
+47 900 50 132‬

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