Ocean Innovation Showroom

A national showroom for sustainable solutions in the ocean industries

A number of agents are collaborating for the development of Ocean Innovation Showroom aiming to showcase innovative solutions in the ocean industries that will contribute to increased business opportunities and exports.

The centre will be located in Bergen and have digital viewing solutions that makes it attractive to visitors while also making the content of the centre accessible at other locations both in Norway and abroad. In this way, the centre will also contribute to increased host attractiveness.

The project is part of the Cluster´s work on collaboration across ocean industries – seafood, energy and maritime. The Ocean Innovation Showroom will give opportunities to showcase technology, products and services in an ocean context, and the centre will be a professional arena for recieving delegations that want more knowledge about the Norwegian ocean industries.

At a glance

Project goal: Showcasing solutions in the ocean industries to increase business opportunities and export, and representing a professional arena for delegations coming to learn about Norwegian ocean industries

Project period:
Phase 1: Clarification                     2018-2020
Phase 2: Project development     2020-2021
Phase 3: Implementation             2021-2022

Financed by: Phase 1 – Innovation Norway, Municipality of Bergen, Vestland County

Partners: NCE Seafood Innovation, Maritime Bergen, Innovation Norway, Municipality of Bergen

Project focus: Ocean cross-over and collaboration

Project value: Facilities and infrastructure for showcasing sustainable solutions in the ocean industries to increase business opportunities and exports. Establishing a professional arena for receiving delegations and gather clients.

Contact for project:
Solveig Holm
Senior Advisor
+47 92 05 85 31
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