R&D-meeting: Future feed raw materials

The need for new feed raw materials to supply a growing aquaculture industry has been stated by industry and government alike, especially the present government has outlined this in their political platform – Hurdalsplatformen. Top industry players have underlined the need for increased focus on this issue as well as the need for industry relevant scale up of the raw material sources that are at or are approaching industry relevant scale.

This was on the agenda in the R&D-meeting in February 2022 about future feed raw materials. Taking up on this, we in NCE Seafood Innovation has, through large stakeholder meetings, smaller meetings with senior industry leads as well as in depth interviews with industry players, made an industry insight report on the matter. 

The report “Future ingredients for Norwegian salmon feed” builds on earlier reports exploring the possibilities and is augmented by in-depth interviews with leading players in the aquaculture industry. Earlier reports have detailed the different possible new feed raw materials and how those could be developed to industrial scale. Read the report here.

Read news about the project here, here, here and here

At a glance

Project goal: Bring major stakeholders together to establish a common understanding on where we stand in developing new feed raw materials, and where the political ambitions align with current knowledge, development and ambitions.  

Project period: 2022

Funding: NOK 70 000

Financed by: Vestland Fylkeskommune/FORREGION Vestland 

Project focus: Establish a common understanding on present status on development of future feed raw materials

Project value: Contribute to focus on future feed raw materials


Contact person:
Björgólfur Hávarðsson
Innovation Manager
+47 92 21 27 27
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