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Resource groups

Four times a year, we gather experts and business leaders in resource groups for discussions around our strategic business areas; competence, innovation and entrepreneurship. The resource groups contribute with competence, advise and influence the Clusters focus and projects within each strategic area.

Leader: Benedicte Skogen, Competence manager, NCE Seafood Innovation 

  • Siren Grønhaug, Group Director HR, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA
  • Kathleen Mathisen, Group Director HR, Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Judith Tørvi, HR Manager, Cargill Aqua Nutrition
  • Sandra Sæther, Quality and Compliance Manager, Seaborn
  • Håvard Midtun Stangeland, Management Analyst, Coast
  • Livar Frøyland, Director of Research, Institut of Marine Research
  • Bente Thorstensen, Division Director, Nofima
  • Stein Ivar Steinshamn, Professor,  NHH
  • Anne Linn Strøm-Erichsen, Advisor, BI
  • Sigurd Stefansson, Professor, University of Bergen
  • Geir Martin Førland, Head of Department, Western Norway University of Applied Science

Leader: Björgolfur Hávardsson, Innovation manager, NCE Seafood Innovation 

  • Harald Sveier, Manager, Lerøy Ocean Harvest, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA
  • Tor Eirik Homme, Director Feed and Nutrition, Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Simon Nesse Økland, Head of Development, Bremnes Seashore
  • Ketil Christensen, Category manager, digital & services, Cargill
  • Petter Frost, General Manager, Director Reseach Science, MSD Animal Health Innovation AS
  • Rudi Ripman Seim, Head of Fish Health, Benchmark Genetics
  • Siri Vike, Director Strategic Development, PharmaqAnalytic
  • Vidar Aspehaug, Chief Business Development Officer, PatoGen AS
  • Bente Thorstensen, Division Director, Nofima
  • Sigurd Stefansson, Professor, University of Bergen
  • Ingunn Sommerset, Head of Fish Health, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
  • Hans Torstein Kleivdal, Executive Vice President, Environment, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
  • Geir Lasse Taranger, Vice Director and Research Director, Institute of Marine Reseach
  • Geir Anton Johansen, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Western Norway University of Applied Science
  • Cato Lyngøy, Manging Director, Hauge Aqua AS
  • Erlend Torgnes, CEO, Optimeering Aqua
  • Merete Bjørgan Schrøder, Seniorforsker, Sintef Ocean

Leader: Pia Singdahlsen Rønningen, Business Developer, NCE Seafood Innovation

  • Hilde Indresøvde, Head of Start and Scale, VIS
  • Ingrid H. Maurstad, Commercial Manager, Katapult Ocean
  • Kristian Botnen, CEO, Lingalaks
  • Maria B. Helsengreen, Partner, EY
  • Maria Hanedalen Bøthun, Strategic Advisor Start-ups and Scale-ups, DNB
  • Nina Grieg, Manager Business Development, Grieg Seafood
  • Janicke Allers, Community Manager, Connect Vest Bergen
  • Hilde Støle Pettersen, Managing Partner, Momentum
  • Erlend Waaler, Head of Startuplab Bergen, StartupLab



At a glance

Who: The resource group is open for partners and members in the Cluster.

Want to contribute in a resource group? Please contact leader of the resource group

"Having an arena for in-dept discussions is really welcome!"
Bente Torstensen
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